Trauma and Compassion

A series of photo-paintings by Uri de-Beer inspired by the stay in the rehabilitation ward of Meir Hospital.

Curator: Avia Maimon - Katz

The series documents the daily experience of a patient in the rehabilitation clinic of the Meir Hospital on Geller Street in Kfar Sava. It presents the banality of the patient's routine from the point of view of a bedridden patient who has to lie flat on the bed with his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

"I began to count how long the fire detector in the ceiling shines (every 11 seconds) and I followed the flying and buzzing of an annoying fly".

The documentation presents objects and moments of everyday life in the department, looking from another angle at ordinary objects, such as a leg dangling in a wheelchair, the lavatory, the curtain draped over the bed.

The small exhibition is dedicated to the wonderful and empathic team of the Senior Geller Rehabilitation Medical Center.