Sde-Boker, Israel – Synagogue Midrashat

Sde-Boker, Israel – Synagogue Midrashat

This synagogue was to be built in the community of Midreshat Sde Boker- an isolated settlement in the Negev desert in the south of Israel.

Date of planned completion: n/a

Material and concept: ten solid spheres symbolizing the 10 Sefirot (attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which 'the Infinite' reveals itself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realm) and the waves of the sea.

The synagogue design accommodated 100 people.

The stained glass windows were designed with a unique system of reflectors to give them the appearance of being 'Painted by God'.

The planning process has been guided and approved by Rabbi Piron the former Chief Rabbi of the IDF and Rabbi Ovadia Josef the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel.

The Synagogue was not built because the downer Mr. J. Nasser Passed away.

Credit: Ing Vardimon

    Uri de Beer
    Sephardi Chief Rabbi
    of Israel Ovadia Josef

    Uri de Beer and Ovadia Josef - Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel - Architecture - Synagogue

    Synagouge in the desert - Technical Sketches

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