Homage to Raphael

  • Year : April 2020
  • Curator : Beth Van Meer
  • Exhibition Type : Group Exhibition

Raphael, seraphic genius of Urbino (April 6, 1483/ April 6, 1520)

Giorgio Vasari, painter, architect and historiographer of the most important artists between the 14th and the 16th century writes in his celebre book “Lives of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and
Architects” about Raphael’s death: “.... and he ended the course of his life at the age of thirty-seven, on the same day that he was born, which was Good Friday. And even as he embellished the world with his talents, so, it may be believed, does his soul adorn Heaven by its presence.”

In many countries the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death is recalled in exclusive exhibitions showcasing the indelible imprint Raphael left to the Western culture and to the entire world. His personality, like Nicolas Poussin, inspired many foreign artists and poets of the 18th and 19th century in a particular way for having shaped his art by means of the principles of harmony, symmetry and proportions.

Once again with Vasari’s words: “…gracious Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, who was endowed by nature with all that modesty and goodness which are seen at times in those who, beyond all other men, have added to their natural sweetness and gentleness the beautiful adornment of courtesy and grace, by reason of which they always show themselves agreeable and pleasant to every sort of person and in all their actions.”

The most praised of the painters of the High Renaissance built the foundation of painting for the centuries ahead, by offering remarkable inspiration and innovation until the present. When observing certain contemporary artists, we discover stylistic, formal and thematic parallelism presented in the center stage of a cultural interdisciplinary project signed by Elisabeth Vermeer for Design for Everyday Life which analyses Raphael’s lightning quick and fortunate ascent that was not free however from moments of fragility.

A group of international artists, poets, musicians and actors offered a contribution not only to the production of art video but also to an intellectual platform of memory and culture regarding Raphael and his epoch. The art video directed by Elisabeth Vermeer takes advantage of the participation of fifteen contemporary artists: Carlo Accerboni, Salvio Capuano, Uri De Beer, Maurizio Elettrico, Marilena Faraci, Malgosia Mitka, Françoise Morin, Enzo Navarra, Silvia Noferi, Gloria Pastore, Mario Pepe, Alfredo Romano, Farzaneh Rostami, Claire Jeanine Satin, Marisa Tumicelli.
Music compositions by Ottorino Respighi, Antique dances and airs, Suite I - III, P. 172. Music consulting: Patrizia Battaglia, Theatre Carlo Felice, Genoa.

Moreover we would like to mention the presence of Rossana Damianelli and Paolo Fabbroni (a cappella Duo of antique music); Cri Eco, live performer; performer Daniela Tamborino; theatre director and Renaissance expert Eric Nicholson; poets and writers Carlo Accerboni; Fabio Bugnola; Milena Buzzoni; Rosa Elisa Giangoia; Martina Mey; Claudio Pozzani; Marisa Tumicelli; Serena Vestene. “Homage to Raphael” is an ongoing project in the course of 2020.

A highlight of the project is an intertwining dialogue between astronomy, art and music on the behalf of Raphael’s skies. Astrophysicist Francesca Matteucci, Department of Physics University of Trieste, member of the Council of the INAF National Institute of Astrophysics and member of the Academy of Lincei, Rome, will hold a conference together with Elisabeth Vermeer who scanned twenty sky fragments in Raphael’s paintings in order to narrate his magic chromatism through history of art, accompanied by details of the astronomy of his epoch.

Homage to Raphael

Homage to Raphael by Uri de Beer