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The Blue Square, art design for Hiriya - Israel’s largest rubbish dump, which was turned into a recreational park

Towering over the city of Tel Aviv, the hill-shaped, man-made rubbish dump of Hiriya was getting out of control, posing a real danger to the environment and even risking commercial air traffic. After decades of population growth and a lack of sustainable environmental strategy this site was finally closed down.

A nation-wide effort has turned the site into a green, luscious family-oriented recreational park.

While visiting the site one day, an idea struck me: that this place needed more of a homage to its original purpose.

My idea was to turn this residential waste site into a work of art. My design included covering the exposed landscape with an installation made out of colorful plastic bottles, which are at the top of the list of enemies against nature. The installation would cover a roundabout, promenade and other surfaces.

This project was not actually built – but has remained on my mind and computer…

A view

the Air

Uri de Beer Eco Art & Plastiflora - Hiria recycling park