Carpet of Joy

Goa, India – Carpet of JOY

Carpet of Joy - 2.000 sq/mr pop-up installation, Goa, India

Goa is a tropical, coastal state in southern India.

In 2013, while visiting the Goa museum, I met its director – and now my friend - Dr. Kerka Suboth. As a result of our discussions about the social impact of my art on ecology, I was moved to initiate a huge installation in Goa.

Although inspired by my work, this project was created entirely by the local Goa community, motivated by the sheer creativity and energy of Dr. Subodh.

Carpet of Joy was completed in just a few weeks: 2,000 square meters of art were assembled by the community and installed at a roadside deserted location, out of the town of Salligap.

Dr. Suboth’s project became an instant success – both in the community and on social media -  thousands of people stopped by to explore the installation, understand its values, and share hundreds of posts on social media.

After few months it was moved to the Goa Museum where it can be viewed by the public today.


  • Date Created: Apr 10, 2017
  • Dimensions: 2000 sq/mr
  • Credits: Museum of Goa
  • Creator: Kerkar Subodh
  • Photo: Mog Museum