ECO ART – Proposals

Eco Park Hiriya
Year 2019

Floating Eco Garden
Year 2019

This series was proposals for the exhibition at the “Venice Biennale,” Italy.

Floating Eco Garden in China
Year 2018

This series was a proposal for Floating Eco Garden installation in one of the parks with a lake in China.

The Desert Rose
by Plastiflora
Year 2018

An Eco Parc installation covering 10.000 sqm made of plastic bottles transforms the dry hills of Be’er Sheva into a blooming landscape.

The Storm
Year 2017

A proposal for an installation for China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium.

The Roofs of Las Vegas
Year 2017

A Proposal to turn the Isolate roofs of the hotels into a flowering and colorful garden with the Plastiflora.

Environmental Sculpture - Herzliya City
Year 2015

A proposal for an environmental sculpture for the main square at the entrance to Herzliya City, Israel.

A Welcome Lobby
Year 2014

A proposal for the planning of courtyards of community centers for the Tel Aviv retirees.

A Welcome LobbyThe Garden of Pordenone Museum
Year 2012

A proposal to design the environment of the Museum of Pordenone, Italy as an Eco Garden.

The Black Hills
Year 2009

A project suggesting how to rehabilitate coal ash and gypsum from the electric power plant in Hedera, Israel.

Various Installations of the Eco Garden
Years 2005-2008

The landscaping and landfill restoration proposals in urban areas for Plastiflora: Eco Gardening of houses roofs, design of the facade of the city hall building, and a proposal for slop gardening of highways.
The proposal for Yahud, Tel Aviv, Highway 20, Highway 6, Ra’anana, Ma’ale Adumim, and Tayibe in Israel.

A plaza of the UN building - NYC
Year 2007

A proposal for Eco Garden in a plaza of the UN building in New York City, USA.

Hanging Spheres
Year 2000

Simulations of hanging metallic spheres as a rehabilitation project for abandoned quarries.