ECO ART – list

Voyage to Space
Year 2020

An installation was made of plastic bottles with a group of autistic children.

The Secret
Year 2020

In an exhibition at the art gallery of Kfar Saba, I choose to present the secret as an imagined tomb that hides the secret of how benefits from the bottles recycling business.

The Drawing Square
Year 2020

An apocalyptic vision of st. Mark’s Square disappears under plastic garbage exhibited at the “save the Mediterranean” exhibition in Tel Aviv and Venice’s quart.

The Carpet of Joy
Year 2017

A Huge Eco Garden Installation covering 15.000 sqm in Goa, India. It was executed in cooperation with the “Goa Museum of Art.”

Eco Sculptures TLV
Year 2017

An exhibition of sculptures from used plastic bottles in the Tel Aviv port.

The High Season of the Desert Plastiflora Flowering
Year 2017

This series was exhibited at “Borey Art Center,” St Petersburg, Russia, at Gallery cargo 21.

Kindergarten in Rosh Haayin
Year 2016

Community activity with kindergarten children and their families to create an ecological garden.

Shoham Eco Garden
Year 2015

An Eco Garden for the town hall Shoham. This garden was prepared in cooperation with school children, city employees, and retirees.

The Ballena
Year 2015

An installation at the “Genoa Museum of Science” made inside the skeleton of a real giant whale.

Eco Window Plant
Year 2015

This “Flower Arrangement” is exhibited at the main offices of the Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Plastiflora at Arena Mall
Year 2013

Passiflora installation in the Arena Mall – Herzliya, Israel. The installation was set up with the help of a mentally disabled adult.

The Hanging Garden
Year 2013

This installation began with a design competition amongst the school pupil. The winning design was implemented as a hanging carpet of weaving Passiflora in a steel mesh.

The Eco Garden of Yavne
Year 2013

This installation was made with children of the community center/art gallery of Yavne. The Plastiflora carpet was running like a snake from the gallery’s roof along the yard ending with a steel pyramid.

The Pyramid
Year 2012

An Eco Installation at The Central Parc of The National TV Station In Prague, Czech Republic.

Eco Garden at the "Meir Hospital" in Kfar Saba, Israel
Year 2011

Working together at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba with school children from Jewish and Arab cities created ongoing cooperation between the schools and a common cultural parliament and dialogue about art and environmental issues. The project was done in cooperation with Dr. Osnat Ashur, a cancer researcher of the Meir center.

The Totem
Year 2010

This installation was placed on the “La Certosa Island” at the entrance to the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, as a symbolic “Lighthouse.”

The Spiral
Year 2010

An Eco Garden made with Alzheimer’s senior patients at the Dr. Ira Ross Institute of Venice.

Water Lily - Venice, Italy
Year 2010

Inspired by Claude Monet Waterlilies, I created an installation of floating empty plastic soda-bottles, all from the region. With local school children and art students’ help, I designed, cut, colored, and installed the art piece in a huge lakeside tent. Then the floating installation was dragged to its position mid-lake by tug boats and anchored in place with concrete blocks.

Though unplanned, the art installation has also become a nesting site for a variety of water birds.

Jerusalem, Israel – Eco Garden at The Knesset the Israeli Parliament
Year 2008

The installation was set up in cooperation with more than 5,000 school pupils from all parts of Israel as a coexistence declaration.

The Plastiwood
Year 2006

A PlastiFlora installation at the Phoenix Art Gallery in NYC, USA.

The Green Igloo
Year 2006

A Solo Exhibition at the Gallery of Kfar Saba Among the exhibits a Landscape Pattern of the Negev Desert, a Green Igloo, and a D.N.A pattern. The exhibition was set up with the help of mentally disabled older people.

Year 2006

Solo exhibition at the “Ashdod Museum”, Israel.

The Black Flower
Year 2004

An installation – sculpture made of garbage collected on the streets of the city of Binyamina, Israel.

Eco Garden in streets Old Jaffa
Year 2001

This Eco Garden of the Plastiflora installation was made with mentally disabled adults.

The Plastiflora in Jaffa
Year 2001

The Plastiflora exhibition in an “Alternative Gallery” Jaffa, Israel.

The Garbage Flower
Year 2001

An installation 60 meters in length at the international environment exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel. Representing a look at stages of turning municipal garbage into a vegetable garden (lettuce).

Hanging Fields
Year 2001

And wartime is over an exhibition at the Jerusalem municipal gallery showing grape growing on coal ash and a huge time clock made of used army uniforms.

Plastiflora field in Bat Yam Museum
Year 2000

Exhibition in the museum of art in Bat Yam. The field was done with the help of mentally disabled adults.

Plastiflora Special Addition
Years 2000 - 2020

Various Installations
Years 200-2020

Representing the use of The Plastiflora at art exhibitions.

Communication Pipes
Year 2001

An installation with rubber pipes in Givatayim and cellular antenna installment at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.

The Communication Tower
Year 1997

An installation builds with an industrial storage construction and insulation rubber pips at Karait Anawim, Israel.

Happy Walls
Year 1996

The mural is part of a project to renovate warehouse facades in the port of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Year 1996

An International Eco Art Exhibition in Jerusalem showing
use of industrial remnants.

The Painted Bird II
Year 1996

A digitally printed banner in 17*7 meter was installed on the outer walls of cinema markets in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Painted Bird
Year 1995

Photography and drawing of a bird poisoning event.

Environmental Sculpture "RELATIONSHIP (YIN & YANG)"
Year 1995

Environmental sculpture in Sde Boker, Israel.

Year 1992

A photo collage made of whats is happening under our feet on a sidewalk of the city.

Desert Garden
Year 1990

Landscaping installation in Sde Boker, Israel.

The Cathedral
Year 1995

At this ecological project, a high voltage steel power pole of 60 m hight is converted into a piece of art exhibited at the Israel technological achievements at the big airport’s lobby.