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Uri De Beer is a multi-disciplinary artist and Israeli architect who has been famous for his diverse works and for the participation of various communities in the creation of ecological art.

Electric Pole
Eco Garden at The Knesset Israel
Eco Pyramid in Prague
Plastiflora – Arena Mall
Water Lily in Venice
Installation in Kfar Saba Gallery
Plastiwood in New York
Plastiflora Installations
Set 1 of 4 Paintings
Set 2 of 4 Paintings
Set 4 of 4 Paintings
Set 3 of 4 Paintings
Set 1 of 12 Paintings
Set 2 of 3 Paintings
Set 1 of 3 Paintings
Set 3 of 3 Paintings
Dead Sea
Desert Rose of Beersheba
Ktuba – כתובה
Wayhi – ויהי
Genesis – בראשית
Bronze VI
Synagogue Midrashat Sde-Boker
Bronze V
Bronze IV
Architectural drawing
Interior Design – Dr Mucko
Tower of Babel
Diamond Tel-Aviv
Mall in Beit Gala
Yin and Yang in Sde Boker
Plastiflora field in Bat Yam Museum
Desert gardening in Sde Boker
Plastiflora in Tel-Aviv Port
The Cycle Of Life – The Book
Bronze III
Colorful Amorphous
Energy  Eruption
Endless Spiral
Bronze II
Golden Tower
Beit Meir
Bronze with Stone
Fire Butterfly
Blue Symphony
Eco Window Plant
Plastispace Exhibition at Ashdod Museum in Israel
Eco Garden at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba Israel
Fibonacci Eco Spiral
Desert Flower
Black Flower
City Planning – Bratislave
Sculpture Drawings
Trauma and Compassion
Carpet of JOY